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Hand Massage



My InBetterHealth Journey began with this ... 

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do it; because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

- Howard Thurman

I jumped off the corporate ladder and became a remedial massage therapist in 2016.

I started with just wanting to learn how to help one person with their lower back pain. I didn't expect it to ignite a new direction in my life. It didn't make sense to my corporate family, it didn't always make sense to me! But my inner voice was convinced this is where I needed to be. Today, I'm grateful for making the change. I now get to do a lot of different things, and love being able to share it with you. 

When I worked within the corporate maze, I loved the monthly massages at the desk, saved up for massage treats during annual leave, spiritually crawled to the closest remedial massage therapist for desperate TLC.

I understand the juggle from your last massage to your next massage but revitalising once you've received that much-needed care.

I've learned from my clients that most of us go through routines that can make us great, make us successful, as well as rollercoaster us into routines of bad habits.

Clients who sweat it out at the gym, have somehow hurt or injured themselves, need to break away from the office desk, exhausted from work or home, have just put their baby to sleep, are caring for people in need, and/or playing their heart out for a championship trophy.

I've learned this from my clinic, home-visits, as well as being fortunate enough to be part of the NRL, AFL, Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Blys Massage, Purely Polish. No matter the need. No matter the struggle. No matter the victory. A quality massage makes it better. 

You probably need to recharge. You probably need to stop convincing yourself that you can go one more week without one. Today, you're ready to take better care of yourself!


When we take regular care of ourselves, we empower our minds and spirits to share with others the best versions of ourselves. This makes it a privilege to be part of your journey to better health.

What makes me come alive? To Live at the highest level; 

and I love seeing others living at their highest level. It's rewarding to see an arm, a leg, a back, a neck move without painful restrictions. I'm happy when you start new projects and routines because you have more energy and self-belief. 

For many, it's just a remedial massage. For me, it's a continuous approach to increasing life's first and most valuable wealth, health. 

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