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DianaMarie Skin Holistic Dermal Therapist

Skin is 

Let's Begin

a healthy relationship with your skin

with DianaMarie Skin

Our skin is our first defense against the many environments we enjoy or need to overcome. It allows us to soak in the summer sun, dance in the winter rain, and heal rapidly so we can keep exploring this beautiful world.

Our skin also lets us know if something is not quite right internally, whether we have an allergy, or whether we are worn out and stressed. Our skin is so alert and so helpful.


This is why we have partnered with DianaMarie Skin, to help you develop and grow a nourishing relationship with your skin. In Better Health and DianaMarie Skin see eye-to-eye on topics about respecting our natural ability to heal, grow and come alive. To keep coming alive, we must keep healthy, our skin.

DianaMarie Skin is founded by Holistic Dermal Therapist, Diana Italiano. Diana has taught us at In Better Health, how to naturally heal and nourish our skin with holistic treatments and simple self-care activities to ensure we are taking care of our gut health, mental health, and whole body peace. Being a general massage therapist herself, Diana has seen positive changes in people's skin when they minimise the stresses and pressures of daily living through massage. Diana combines massage and skin treatments to allow the skin to relax and be nourished at the highest level. 

In Celebrating our partnership, Diana has created an In Better Health Exclusive introductory treatment that:

1) Revives your skin

2) Settles your autonomic nervous system and

3) Hydrate and calm sensitised skin

What to book: DianaMarie Skin Revive n Hydrate

This treatment is designed for people who are new to skin treatments, people who want only natural and holistic treatments, and people who are looking to de-stress and refresh. Enjoy your treatment.

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