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Bursting out of the cocoon! Spring time, Come Alive!

Reflecting, August feels like Winter doesn't want to leave and Spring tries to blow and wash Winter out of the park, with its gushing winds and rain. While the weather sort themselves out, I'll stay here, wrapped in my blankets, safe and warm in my cocoon. Then, I reflect on Nola Taylor Redd description of Spring (

"During spring, dormant plants begin to grow again, new seedlings sprout out of the ground and hibernating animals awake." 

One way or another, this extended Sydney Winter had created dormancy. Some minds and spirits camped around a vulnerable fire of hope, intentionally throwing dream-logs in, making sure this warming light doesn't go out. Some slept in the darkness, waiting for the Sun to wake them and light the path out of the cave. This Winter, I appreciated how many people pushed through, kept active and continued to prepare themselves for the other side of the wet cold days and nights, ready to burst out of that Winter Cocoon!

Enchanting calls through the window. Bright blooming buds hypnotise my eyes, outdoor cheers loop me into a trance, BBQs faintly lace my hunger to feast outside. The Sun warms my room, until I burst out of my cocoon - alright I'm Alive!

Okay, enough of my melodramatic silliness. Let's talk Spring action!

How do you want to experience the next 12 months? Are you the person who loves to go house to house, cafe to cafe, bar to bar, catching-up with family and friends over festivities? Do you love getting up and hiking and trailing to new lookouts, waterfalls and jumping off cliff platforms? Do you love kayaking with your partner down rivers into peaceful National Parks? Are you challenging your mates at the gym or at those extreme obstacle courses? Are you chasing your children around playgrounds, on bikes and scooters? Are you lying on the couch, alone for 5 minutes while everyone is finally out of the house, doing the above? Have you prepared your body to take your spirit to the greatest heights of life?

A lot of the time we get so excited about the events booked in our calendar we can skimp on the important smaller details. A skill I learnt these past few years, set an hour or so each week to plan what you're going to do, roughly how you're going to eat, when to best rest and lastly, to schedule time to recentre and reflect.

Let's prepare!

  • What have you changed in your diet to fuel your upcoming lifestyle? Food intake, water, supplements where needed?

  • What will you be feeding your mind each day ... good book to read/listen to, great attitudes?

  • Will you get enough nights of good sleep for the body to repair, recover, re-energise?

  • Does your schedule include you-time to centre and align your mind, body, spirit?

Some things to think about. With all your activities, remember to either hit pool/spa/steam/sauna, and book yourself a massage. Your 12-months time self will thank you later.

Remember, life is a beautiful blessing. When we are in better health, we can enjoy our abundant wealth of time with those we love. See you out there!


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